Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Alternative Fuel

The rapid growth of technological development and technical innovations attract more and more people to use vehicles. Nowadays vehicles are necessity rather than luxury. Therefore pollution due vehicle fuels has become one of the severest problems in big cities. Several alternative fuels have been developed for recent years.

Fuel cells are complicated appliances that generate electricity using hydrogen gas. This technology increases the efficiency of energy and uses less fuel, thus better economy, and produces fewer emissions thus cutting down on the production of pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. The economic feasibility of this type of vehicles is obscured by the unavailability of free hydrogen and the difficulty in the storage and the distribution of the gas. Fuel cell powered vehicles are about twice as efficient as the internal combustion engines and thus are economically superior.

These cars are environmentally friendly and run nearly silent. The ‘fuel' for electric cars costs a lot less per mile than it does for gasoline vehicles. The disadvantages of the electric car is that the batteries are heavy, they charge slowly, have a limited capacity thus limiting the range of the vehicle, are bulky, have a short life and are fairly expensive. These reasons have resulted to a frail consumer interest and this has related economic back draws.

Hydrogen gas as a fuel promises to eliminate all pollution problems created by the fossil fuels. This is a clean technology that only produces water as the by product. There are no environmental dangers like oil spills to worry about with hydrogen. In cases where the hydrogen gas is derived from the electrolysis of water, no green house gases are added to the environment due to the fact that there is a perfect cycle-with the electrolysis producing hydrogen from water and then the hydrogen recombining with oxygen to create water and power.
Tip! Finding solutions to the transportation element in our daily lives is very important. There's much confidence that with the attention level rather high that a better solution(s) with soon be found regarding alternative fuel.

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New Corvette Z06 - An Alternative to Typical Fuel Efficiency Cars

The Detroit News Online's Auto Insider reported that the Corvette Z06's fuel efficiency may rival the Honda Civic Hybrid in an editorial story written last week.

With gas as high as three dollars a gallon, American consumers are looking for alternative car makes and models that will guzzle less gas. Some may be looking for less voracious fuel connoisseurs to replace the his and her matching 10 miles-per-gallon Hummers and Lexus SUVs. Others may be considering different cars to lessen the overtaxing of the world's natural resources and pollution of the environment. Most consumers have good intentions, but are unlikely to sacrifice prestige and style for economy and practicality. It's not the American way.

When speaking on the subject of fuel efficient cars, people equate economical value (or perceived value) of the car itself with fuel efficiency. These two subjects are not mutually exclusive.

Consumer Reports magazine revealed a list of compact and subcompact car make and model recommendations for those seeking functionality over flash and performance.

The Top Three Most Fuel Efficient Cars 1. Honda Insight 2. Toyota Prius 3. Honda Civic Hybrid.

As you can see, these practical cars do not take into account more higher-end cars with just as efficient fuel intake. What if you could have both fuel efficiency and a classic, stylish, American body style? John McCormick from the Detroit Auto Insider says you can.

"For some years this icon of American sports cars [Corvette Z06] has actually been a closet fuel miser, but few people have recognized the fact. I just drove a brand new Z06, the current king of the hill 'Vette, with a tire-shredding 500 horsepower on tap, and managed an impressive trip average of 23.4 mpg...a fast car is not automatically a gas hog. To underscore the point, I took a similar journey in a minivan and found myself consuming just over 20 mpg," said John McCormick from Detroit's Auto Insider.
Tip! There's a lot of hope that alternative fuel technologies developed by some of the smaller companies will become commercially viable and help support the sector. As a result, stocks for these companies are expected to soar.

Why is a Z06 a good buy when it comes to gas?

It's science at work here. Weight and aerodynamic drag are two primary enemies of fuel efficiency, which explains why heavy, blunt-faced, traditional sport utility vehicles and minivans generally suck down fuel and the sleek, relatively light-weight Z06 burns conservatively.

So if you are the 40 something or 50 something baby boomer accused of buying a Corvette because of a mid-life crisis, you can retort by pointing out your Corvette gets more miles-to-the-gallon than your buddy's Land Rover or minivan. This also works well as justified logic for your wife. You're welcome.

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